Mikropigmentacjia brodawki piersiowej

Training and equipment


Our experience is based on many years of working with Amazonas. Areola pigmentation is not only a technical skill but also a knowledge of the medical aspects - technical knowledge of breast reconstruction or surgical reconstruction of the nipple. The very the technique of breast pigmentation is an art of faithful reproduction of nature. Every woman is different and there is no room for standard solutions. Therefore, the training is aimed at those who have experience with the needle.

A great tool to assist in areola pigmentation is the SKIN NEEDLING technique that improves the appearance of scars. Its effect is their reduction, loosening and brightening.  The energy load that doing this type of treatment carries behind is also undeniable. The extraordinary power of women, who have won the fight against cancer makes working with people who need our help a passion.

WE WANT TO INFECT YOU WITH THIS PASSION! As part of the AWARENESS BUTTERFLIES (MOTYLE ŚWIADOMOŚCI) PROJECT, we make free breast treatments for cancer patients. Inviting you to cooperate we encourage you to make one free treatment a month.