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About project

For many women, reconstruction of the areola is the last step of treatment that closes the history of the disease. The purpose of the project is to build social awareness and help women who need help in the field of micropigmentation of ​​the areola. We are creating a network of offices, where free treatments are also provided in the scope of medical micropigmentation on the highest level, so that women can use them in complete trust and sense of security with regard to final effect.

We want to spread the word about this treatment, because many women do not even know that there is such a possibility. We want to reach as many women as possible. Every day we meet with Amazonas, who, despite the enormous consciousness of the disease, never found the information about the possibility of reconstruction of the areola by medical micropigmentation. The need for dissemination of information is enormous.

We are a training company - an official non-school education institution registered in the Register of Training Institutions. For years we have been running courses in the field of permanent makeup - micropigmentation. We have tools to reach and train professionals from all over Poland in the field of medical micropigmentation, thanks to which we are building a network of patronage offices -   Butterflies of Awareness, where women, and in the future also people with other problems mentioned above, will be able to undergo free treatments.

Our company as the initiator of the action will deal with widely understood project promotion, reaching out to women in need and directing them to specific facilities. As in every field, here's where professionalism matters and there is no room for errors - the disease was a difficult experience anyway so we are building a network of trustworthy offices whose quality has been verified by us.

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